June 2, 2012

here i am. saying sorry again.

you guys must think i'm the absolute worst.
i promise i'm not.
okay. maybe i am. but listen, i really have just been so out of everything lately.
and so has my computer. you know that already.
and i really am so sorry.
i'm going to be better. because my substitute computer has been doing better lately and i think that's good and i think i should be able to blog more now. i was also sick last week. it's been misery. absolute misery. sore throat. fever. body aches. cough. and now i have no voice. okay. that's not entirely true. i have the shadow, the mere insinuation of a voice. garrett says i have a horse in my throat. i mostly sound like a pre-pubescent rodent.
 and a disgusting cough.
and i hurt my back AGAIN from coughing.
i mean...seriously?
at this rate i will be wearing orthopedic shoes by the end of summer.

anyways, i mostly just want to apologize and say sorry (that's the same thing.) for being so lame. i really do appreciate all of your following and love.

thank you so much for loving me through all this crap.

i have hopes that you will be able to forgive me of all of this if i just let you watch these videos (though i'm sure you've seen it plenty) and laugh super hard the way i do.

 guys, i just have the deepest desire to be Sweet Brown when i grow up.
 i love you all.


lyrics: aint nobody got time for that.

OH and ps. Tuesday's Tunes are going to blow your mind.


  1. i just found your blog :) so cute and funny! I'm your newest follower!

  2. OK... So you always talk about your back and hurting it. Have you ever thought about going to see a chiropractor? Just throwing that out there. I work for a chiropractor and he has worked wonders on me and my back/neck and I have so many others that have had great results as well. anyways... just throwing that out there as a suggestion of something you could try instead of having to wear orthodics. :)