May 8, 2012

this one really carved it in.

oh hey.  
no, my computer is not fixed.
and i'm not even sneaking behind garrett's back to get on his computer.
i'm borrowing the one i thought i broke (insert pause, eye roll and sigh here) from my mom again.
seriously though? 
who has this kind of bad luck?
it doesn't matter right now.
it's tuesday.
and it's time to listen to some music. 

some days ago, i was reading another blog post that inspired this week's Tune in Tuesday.
this week is sort of similar to this post in that it's not really a mix.
it's just one band. but it's a great band. so keep reading.

i think everyone has their band.
their number one. their go-to. 
their drug of choice, if you will.
the band your finger just naturally scrolls down to on your ipod without much thinking.
(or at least that's how it is for me. i always scroll down to them and then remember that garrett probably doesn't want to listen to them again so i quickly scroll back up to something different and pretend like it never happened.)

if you don't have a go to band, don't stress. 
all in due time..
bands like this aren't chosen. 
they just happen. 
totally cheesy, right?

but i mean it. you can't decide which band you'll connect with, obsess over and contemplate groupie-ing to. it just happens. 
one minute you're listening to some new music, the next you're in love.
that's it. 
sometimes you might have even listened to them before.
it's all about the stars and planets aligning just right.
..or something like that.

but that's how it was for me. i fell in love and now i'm hooked.
and listen, i know it sounds lame and kind of really foolish, but i really can't imagine not having my go-to band to go to. like, how did i not feel empty before i found them? and what did i listen to when it was just me and the road and my ipod?

when i was 19, garrett and i drove across the country together. it was sort of awesome because, like i've said in previous posts, garrett and i both love music a lot. so we talked quite a bit on that drive.(real deep conversations. like trying to see who could spout out more state capitols.)but there were hours that went by where we just listened to music. we were in Tupelo, Mississippi. we were driving by some something paying homage to Elvis (that's his birthplace, by the by) and the song was playing. after making some comment about Elvis, garrett asked me if i had ever heard the band that was currently playing on his iPod. 
i hadn't.
(well, actually-i had. i had heard two amazing songs by them but i didn't know who the band was, really. and i had never heard this particular song.)
then he said, "i bet you can't repeat the chorus after listening to it just once."
so i gave it a shot.
i listened once and then repeated it. 
"you're like a black cat with a black backpack full of fireworks and you're gonna burn the city down right now." 
it wasn't hard. 
he was just a goose for not being able to get it. 
then i grabbed his ipod and looked to see what band this was. i hadn't heard this song before but the band had a good sound and after scrolling through a bit, i realized this was the band behind those two amazing songs i had heard before. (i'll admit now that Black Cat isn't their greatest song. and it's not the song that i fell in love with. but it was intriguing enough to peak my interest. and i'm grateful for that.)

the band was mayday parade.
 the song i fell in love with without even knowing who was behind it was The Last Something That Meant Anything.
the song that sent me into a musical coma of joy and ecstasy and changed my life (i'm sort of not kidding about that at all) was I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About.
it's a mouthful of a song title but i sort of think it's incredible and i don't know how to trust people that don't find the song life altering.
the first time i went to their concert with my best friend, brittany, i told her the only way i know how to describe that song is that it shifts my soul.
that sounds weird. i grasp that. 
i'm just saying what i feel.
me and brit before the mayday parade concert. we were 6 shades of thrilled and still looking human because we did not yet doused in the sweat of 30 other people. concerts.
(sidenote: bree, if you are reading this, i miss you and the sweet highlights and low lights you always blessed me with.) 

i didn't know it at the time, but i would eventually end up living out a good portion of the stories they tell/emotions they feel in their songs.(i'd hate to be you being one of them). 
i didn't know their album A Lesson in Romantics would actually end up teaching me things.
i didn't know i would relate to their songs in an extremely personal way.
i didn't know their songs would form into my life like some sort of music video.
i didn't know it would one day be too real and too hard to listen to their music.

i just knew that their music spoke to me in a way that no music before ever had.
(and that's saying something--considering last week's Tune in Tuesday post.)

and that i had an insta-crush on their lead singer. 
Derek Sanders
meet derek sanders. feel free to swoon now. source

because come on. what 19 yea old  girl wouldn't have a crush on this.
especially when you're as cool as i was and got to meet him.
um..this is my bad side. also, this is post concert. and no one looks good post concert. stop judging me.

and because i still have a dewy eyed crush on mr. derek sanders, i feel the need to post this picture of him and his new baby girl. 

 . still my ever beating heart.

(also, as a sidenote i would just like to insert a small addendum right here to express how much i love my husband. i love him. he is my husband. i  married him for forever and in no way does my girl-at-the-rock-show-esque crush affect how much i love him. so stop judging me. besides, garrett and i went to a mayday concert while we were still engaged and i'm fairly certain garrett was swooning just as much as i was. )

mid concert. looking real rough. but loving it. and loving that i married someone who loves my music as much as i do.

so this week i just want you to listen to my go-to band. 

and if you don't love them, that's fine. 
you don't have to.
just know that i'm judging you for it. 
but you do have to go listen to your go to band. 
do it.
you won't regret it.


lyrics: i'll just smile and make believe i don't feel a thing.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and read your post from today and had to comment. I have been a diehard Mayday Parade fan for years, since high school and thats been six years already. I feel like they changed my life as well, their music spoke to me, and it still does to this day. some of their lyrics seriously haunt me and i love it.

    i only wish my boyfriend had the same opinion about them as me and you, but unfortunately he doesnt. sad face. but i got over it.

    im just happy to see that there are others who love them as much as i do.


  2. aww he is a cutie! awesome post :)


  3. WHAT?! could your blog be any cuter?! i stumbled upon you on the little lovebirds. YES. score!

    new follower :)

    i'd love to button swap with you- let me know if you're interested! xo