May 14, 2012

beer me strengh.

i don't even think there are words.
i literally do not have the time or strength to describe what this last week has been like.
it has been chaos though. absolute chaos.
and i apologize so much for not being able to blog at all since last tuesday.
i honestly didn't have enough time to pee more than twice a day, much less blog about the happenings of each day.
and i'm not even exaggerating when i say that i got ten hours of sleep between wednesday and saturday.

consequently, my instagram goal of completing the may photo a day challenge has become a total fail.
total fail.

but it's over now. it finally all came to an end, and i promise things will get better.
and i will blog more.

right now i just need another nap.
or a vacation.

be patient with me, please.


lyrics: hold me up just a little bit longer. i'll be fine, i swear.


  1. LOVE your title beer me strength! I was hooked as soon as I saw that. Office is one of my favorite shows ever! Keep strong even through the incredibly crazy times. there's always a calm after the storm!

    new follower :)