May 24, 2012

many missings.

awkward no-makeup, super grimy photo shoot. also, my teeth look grey. that's why i didn't smile.

 oh look. i'm still alive.

if there is an award floating around the blogosphere called "worst blogger ever" or "seriously? it's not that hard. just write some crap and post it. you sort of suck." or just "awful blogger" then i nominate myself.

you know how when you apply for a job they ask you if you have reliable transportation? well, i think blogger, before you actually start blogging, should ask if you have a reliable computer on which to blog. and if this were to be the case, i would have to check No.
because i don't think it's any secret that i have had some serious computer issues in the past. like how i've crashed 3 computers. and how i've seen the blue screen of death more times than i've seen some of my cousins.

anyways, i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm really sorry i've been so m.i.a lately. maybe you haven't missed me, but i sure have missed you (yes, you! all you awesome readers and followers and commentators) and i've missed blogging. and every day i think about it and i'm sad that i don't get to do it as often. i am still borrowing my mom's old computer, but it has issues and it's not exactly the easiest to work with and it doesn't have a memory card slot in the side of it (does that slot have an official name? i never know.) so i can't post pictures and heaven knows i can't get near garrett's computer because he is in the throes of finals at SCAD (and you know, just creating a website from scratch like it's some sort of cupcake) and i think he's uncomfortable even having me in the same room as his computer whilst he works on his final projects.

oh, and also garrett's playstation broke so i haven't even had netflix to watch episodes of The Wonder Years in perpetuum. 

le sigh.
that's life.
but here is a quick and fairly lame description of my life as of late:
-lots of dog park visits. gilly and i go to the park every day for hours. i read. she plays. it's pretty awesome.
-reading. i love having a nook. i just started reading Matched. (i know. i'm so behind. judge me. whatever.) it's sort of The Giver meets Hunger Games meets 1984. but it's good so far. i think i dig it.
-napping. i love a good 4 hour nap.
-hair. i've been doing it for lots of other people. but not my own. it's pretty much always just a cluster of crap that sits on my head and refuses to grow.
-cleaning. honestly, i just need to know. is it just my house that gets embarrassingly filthy in 2 days or is that a semi-normal sort of thing?
-various work outs. sometimes i walk. sometimes i yoga. sometimes i sit on my couch and do nothing. today i did zumba.

and that's about it. in hindsight, i'm realizing that it's pretty pathetic. and also that maybe it's better for me to only blog once a week since my life is actually pretty dull and lame and probably i don't need to waste your time 5 times a week by blogging aimlessly.

i'm going to go read. or something.


lyrics: all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free.


  1. Alright. You're awesome. Seriously. Just found your blog here... and I am the same way... My computer is so unreliable and I just forget. But hey blogging is for US not for everyone else, right? Right.
    And no.
    No life is "dull."
    Well except the old men who live in their parent's dark basements. That is dull.

  2. love this! you are hilarious and so honest! love.

    love, rach.