April 11, 2012


you guys. 
yesterday was a total fail.
well, not a total fail.
but you get it.

i woke up with the conviction that it was early tuesday morning and i knew exactly what the lesson plan for Tune in Tuesday was going to be. and i was excited to start blogging.
also, i woke up to this. 

 (can your heart handle that? because mine hardly can.)
and then garrett came back into the room and mentioned something about going with him downtown to pick up some items he needed. and then he said we could go shopping for another (late) birthday present for me. 
and really, how does one resist this? 
tell me.
because i obviously don't know.
because i went with him.

but we decided we would come back in the afternoon and i would write Tune in Tuesday  and he would finish his project for class and all would be well.
and then my mom texted me and asked if i was available to do a trial airbrush makeup run for a girl we know who is getting married. this was business, so of course i was available. 
but that wasn't until 4. 
so i still had time. 

garrett and i went to downtown savannah (yes, we live downtown..but we went to the better parts. not further in the ghetto) which is really just beautiful this time of year. 
and i wore my new rainbows that garrett got for me to celebrate my day of birth.
and my feet we uncertain about that. 
because rainbows are like the epitome of bittersweet.
they start off awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes blistery. 
and then they turn into an annex of your foot and they are the most wonderful shoe/flip flop ever made.
anyways. my feet sort of hurt.

(but look how shiny and new they are.)

garrett and i wandered around Broughton street (which is, in my opinion, a fabulous place to wander as it is lined with old-school buildings which are occupied by fabulous stores. like marc jacobs. the likes of which i cannot afford.) 
and we wandered around different, less expensive stores. (sidenote: why does gap always have cute clothes that look atrocious on me? why?! end of sidenote) 
and then decided that we ought to try a semi-new restaurant called Subdogs Hotdoggery.
yes, hotdoggery is both the most seductive name in the history of restaurants and also a noun i feel i could use in a casual conversation. (ie; "The hotdoggery of the situation had everyone reeling with excitement.")

what is a hotdoggery, you ask?

well, i guess i don't have an exact definition, but that ^ is the fruit of a hotdoggery loom. 
that dog was called The Godfather. 
it was loaded with: marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, black olives and ranch. 
it was amazing. to say the very least.

we went home in a food coma haze and i began writing my post.
but then i realized the time and i had to rush out to my mom's for the trial run i had agreed to earlier.
i'll spare the details, but things didn't get started until about 7 or 8 o'clock.
and i didn't get home until about eleven.
and i was so tired. and i had a splitting head ache. and i just wanted to sleep.
and so i did. 
anyways, the point of this whole post is to tell you that Tune in Tuesday is being post-poned. 
to Thursday.
everyone write it down. and be sure not to forget. 
i do apologize 

please find it in your hearts to forgive.


lyrics: Lift your gaze from the pavement, trom the streets that we've crossed a thousand times before.

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  1. Holy crap, I don't eat meat but that hotdog looks SO GOOD. I think I could totally just eat the toppings off of it and be in heaven. Well...that made me sound gross.
    Also, wanted to let you know I gave you a Liebster Blog award today on my blog! Congrats, lady! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.