April 6, 2012

instagram and birthday things.

 i turned 24 despite all of my best efforts.
and yes, my best efforts did include both a witch doctor and thorough search for the Fountain of Youth.
i do not half-A my way through anti-aging cures.

but it did happen.
and since i am apparently super lame, yes, i did cry.
there's just no smothering this fear of aging flame that burns within me, i guess.
but i was right, it wasn't all bad. it did have some high points.
one of which came from the fine people behind Instagram when they decided to release the Android app like 48 hours before my birthday. i can only assume that was their special birthday gift to me.
i like to think that they thought about releasing it on my birthday but decided it would be
1) more of a surprise this way.
2) easier for me to capture the events of my birthday more fully.

so thoughtful.
 many and much thanks.
i am now obsessed.
and you should be following me on Instagram. (username: misskatieclaire)

 i also did get some lovely presents.
i haven't taken those pictures yet though.
so that will have to come in the next post.
but i did receive happy birthday wishes from just about everyone i know via facebook.
i know it's kind of lame, but i totally love it when i get tons of happy birthdays on facebook.
you have to feel good about yourself when you log into facebook only to find you have 98 new posts to your wall.
heyyo! look who's popular now, high school?!
(i am a loser. still.)

 anyways, let's view some instagram shots from the week, shall we?
do let's.

1) naturally, my first instagram pic would be of gilly. because i love her maybe most?
2) i got sunburned painting the fence in my parent's backyard with my sister and mom laying out. (excuse my ugly)
3) gilly, again. because srsly?! the paw-over-muzzle move?! it can't not be documented.
4) i forgot how derricious lunchables were.
5) this is me. at 24. (just before i wept.)
6) one of my nieces, Meg.
7) i have a thing for yummy snamiches. (also for purposely mispronouncing a myriad of words.)
8) birthday presentsssss.
9) birthday (homemade) peach cobbler. be still my heart. (literally?)
10) and yes, more gilly. sleeping on her favorite step.

so that's the week so far. but since there are still birthday festivities going on-there will be more.
ucky us. :)

kate. lyrics: i found the map to buried treasure and even if we come home empty handed, we'll still have our stories.


  1. Happy 24th! Also, your blog slays me dead and therefore I am your newest follower.

  2. Hey Kate! I awarded you with the Liebster award! You can read about it here http://www.theframedlady.com/2012/04/liebster-award.html
    Keep up the awesome blogging!

  3. I am now following you on Instagram!!! My name is misspatriciaworley -squinty eyes- seems like we had a similar theme in mind when we picked our names, hahaha.

    Anyway, I'm really excited to find another writer!! Seems there are ironically few of us in the blogging world. So let the stalking...er, following begin!!!!
    And happy late birthday! :D


  4. I turned 24 in January and I just try not to think about how "old" I'm getting, ha ha! But it sounds like you are being treated RIGHT... just as the birthday girl should be treated :)
    Love your instagram photos! CourtBrink is my un if you wanna be friends!

  5. Hey Kate! Just dropping by to let you know that I am nominating you for the Liebster blog award tomorrow (Monday the 9th) - come on by and check it out and then pass the award along!

    Love reading your posts btw. :)


    -Natalie from Urban Anthropology

  6. Hi Kate! I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :) Totally made my day! And find me on Instagram!! I'm on there probably wayyyy too much. I love finding blogging people on there too!


  7. Happy birthday, girl! :) I cried when I turned 23. Sucks getting older, ya?

  8. Happy birthday, girl! :) I cried when I turned 23. Sucks getting older, ya?

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! I am excited to have found yours! It is adorable! It looks like we have a lot in common both here in Provo! I am excited to follow you!
    Ps-you should in your settings put "show email" so people can reply to your comments via email!

  10. Happy belated birthday! I just found your blog! It is too cute! Cant wait to read more! :)



  11. Happy belated birthday! I'm 25 and I feel your pain- but, I also know these are the best years of our life. enjoy :)