April 12, 2012

a good alliteration and a poor abreviation

hey hey hey!
how are my best girlfriends?
(name that movie and win a prize. just kidding. no prize.)

sorry i had to postpone Tune in Tuesday to Thursday.
things really did just get busy and weird and i never got to finish my post.
which is actually for the better since i decided to change the playlist completely and go in a different direction.
the one i was working on still needs some work and i don't want to post anything sub-par or lame.

but i assure you.
today's music is anything but sub-par or lame.

today's music is a sort of spin off of last week's music.

i was quickly going through my birthday playlist with my sisters and we were laughing at the lady love ballads that apparently were the thang in the late 80's and early 90's.

then my oldest sister told me that i needed to dedicate a Tune in Tuesday to just that-lady love ballads.
there's no real story behind it.
there's no particular emotional sway or experience.
it's just awesome.
and i think we could all use a little more awesome, a little more sap and a few more lady love ballads in our life.

(also, i would like to take this moment to point out that by definition, no, not all of these songs will necessarily qualify as an actual or literal "ballad". i am aware of it. but there's a certain alliteration about it and whatever. i'm over it. you're over it. we're all over it. kthanks. :)

 also, as another addendum, i would like to mention that the same sister that suggested this playlist also mentioned i could possibly acquire more followers if i began referring to Tune in Tuesday as just TiTs.

it might not be the best abreviation out there.
but admit it. you smiled.
that's all for right now.
i hope you enjoy your TiTs today.


ps. i had to..i just had to put the Glee version of Alone on the playlist, too. because i can't say no to Kristin Chenowith. srsly.

pps. i had to..i just had to put the dialogue mix for My Heart Will Go On. because it makes me weep. every. single. time.

lyrics:  and i know i can't pretend that i won't die if you decide you won't see me again.


  1. if i could opine, for a moment, this is the best playlist to date. fyi.

  2. p.s. you need a new tab on your blog that is just links to playlists.

  3. i'm working on it. like right now.