April 12, 2012

because this seriously can't wait.

i realize i posted only some hours ago with some sweet lady love ballad tunes.
and if you haven't checked them out yet (and consequently begun to belt out the chorus of each one into a hairbrush/coke bottle/remote/spatula/dog bone) you need to get on that.
not yet.
just give me a minute.
 it's all i ask and then you can go about wondering, along with Tina, what love really does have to do with it or how it is possible that Sinead O'Connor could have been so ahead of  the times when she repulsively replaced actual words with a number and a single letter. and then you can be moved to soft, soft sobs by the talent that is celine dion.

okay. so here it is.
i'm not going to beat around the bush.
i live in the ghetto.
yes, there are ghetto-er places.
but the house we live in used to be a crack house.
our neighbor threatened to kill us.

so no, i don't live on the most dangerous part of east st. louis, but i think it's pretty safe to say i live in the ghetto.

so i was feeling weird today. just super drowsy and kind of blah.
i fell asleep on the couch around 4 o'clock. ish.
garrett left for class at some point but i don't really remember when.
i woke up.
i fed gilly.
then let her out.
still drowsy and blah ish, i sat back down on the couch.
gilly began to bark a lot.
then she stopped.
and then i heard a noise in the little alley beside our house.
worried that it was gilly and that she had dug her way out of the back yard, i stood up from the couch

from here, the pictures will tell part of the story. i documented this all afterwards. obvi.

1) where i had been sitting/laying when i heard the shuffling in the ally.
2) where i peered out of the window to check on Gilly.
(the pictures pause here. why? i'll tell you.)
but it wasn't Gilly.
rather, it was a man.
yes. that's right.
practically on my house.
(your eyeballs are thanking me for not documenting this. i assure you. because oh..what? what's that noise, you ask? just my eyes screaming. that's all. no big.)
and yes, there may or may not have been eye contact made between me and the urinator perpetrator.

3) in shock, i went out to see if there was anything else sketchy going on.
4) i looked up to where i had peered out..and yes, the eye contact was inevitable. WHY DIDN'T THIS BOTHER HIM AS MUCH AS IT DID ME?!
5) there aren't even words.
6) what, pray tell, is it about this house that makes people think it is a suitable bathroom facility 

that's all i have.
i just needed to share.

go listen to some love ballads now.



  1. you should've called and reported him. that's sketch and nasty and illegal.

  2. oh my gosh. first off, you are a good story teller. second, i can't believe that man was peeing. and even more so, i can't believe your neighbor said he would kill you. scary!!
    xo TJ