March 24, 2012

the girl on fire and the boy with the bread.

let's not beat around the bush.
let's just say it like it is.

the hunger games changed my life.
and i'm having sad pathetic withdrawals. 
and i may or may not go see a matinee all by myself at some future point.
heaven help me. i need friends.

but seriously. it was amazing and husband (who usually complains that i'm NOT holding his hand) kept trying to find clever ways to slip his hand out of my mine.
that i have an anxiety/excitement induced kung fu grip is all i can gather from that.
which obviously means i would be awesome in the actual hunger games. right?

but needless to say, garrett (and my parents) loved the movie, too.
you would have to be legitimately outside of your brain to not love it.
it was the perfect combination of action and suspense and cave scene.
and little Rue.
oh,my heart just broke.
(insert hideous cries here.)

annnd now all i can think about is catching fire.
(it was my favorite book.)
except that i just read that the release date won't be until november 2013!
what are they doing to me?!
don't they know i have an addictive personality that does not cope well with that sort of time lapse?
surely they don't.

anyways, there will likely be more about the hunger games later.
because it is sort of an obsession and because it is awesome and because i will not likely have anything cooler to blog about in the near future.
right now, i need to go eat some peanut butter and you need to  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

and if you don't already just follow my blog--take a gander over to the right and click follow. 
easy peasy lemon squeezy.
make it happen. don't let me down or i'll sic some tracker jacker's on your face.
(hunger games joke. pathetic? no. awesome.)

and if you haven't read the hunger games trilogy (or if you read them some years ago like i did and can't remember all the details)--read them. they get better every time.

and if you haven't seen the movie-drop your sandwich or pen or job or whatever it is that is occupying your time and keeping you from going and see it now.

okay. that's enough hunger games babble.
...but probably not.

oh, and what was your favorite part?

(and may the odds be ever in your favor.)

lyrics: everybody's waiting for you to breakdown. everybody's watching to see the fallout.


  1. Dear Kate, i found your blog from busybeelauren when you said you have all of these hunger games emotions and no friends to talk to about. I FEEL THE EXACT same way. I have people who read the books but i really dont feel they appreciate it the way i do. I too and going through withdrawls and almost left work to go watch it again. I saw it on thursday and then again on friday. I can't get enough. anyways, hi fellow hunger game fan who has no one to talk with about Ü
    Love, Shandey

  2. oh shandey! we will be fast friends if you are feeling the same emotions about the hunger games as i am. it occupies all of my thoughts. i think it's safe to say i'm obsessed. tell me all of your thoughts. you need to get them out. and i need to know i'm not alone!

  3. kate! i just found your blog, and i've only read this post but i already can tell i love it and you. i feel your pain and you are speaking my language. i seriously have considered going to a matinee all by myself. i loved it all, really. it was intense and part of it was a little dizzy but i loved it and i'm already dying that we have to wait so long for another movie. we can talk about it together, i've already talked my hubbys ear off. xo

  4. yay! i love new hunger games based friendships. <3

  5. So I have been waiting 3 flippin' weeks to read Catching Fire! My brother in law decided to read it before me (we all pass books around in the fam), and has taken SO long. It's KILLING me... and not so softly. :)

  6. bahahahaha that "not so softly" bit made me laugh out loud. but about reading Catching Fire-GET ON IT, SISTER!! honestly, it's amazing and you need to read it. get a library card. steal it from another person. do what you have to. :)