March 29, 2012

more of the same.

yes. you're right.
i missed tune in tuesday. 
and now it is officially thursday. 
i do apologize. i don't know where tuesday went. 
but i swomise we will have some slamming tunes next tuesday.
(sidenote: a swomise is a delicate combination of a swear and a promise and here in the wessman household it may as well be the unbreakable vow. gosh, i miss harry potter.)

in other news, i am still suffering my Hunger Games withdrawals.
i have been re-reading all of the books this week and as much extra HG reads as i can get my hands/eyes on.
like pretty much all of the recent posts by Lauren over at Busy Bee Lauren. 
they're so good. 

i have spent a majority of this week semi-stressing over some diy projects i have to teach in an upcoming class at church. it's only semi-stressing because i haven't fully broken out over the whole ordeal and i am yet to have a nightmare concerning it. mmm... i just love anxiety, don't you?

the other portion of this week was becoming completely engrossed with the weirdest shows on netflix.
the kind that involve people who hoard animals and people who weigh over 600 lbs.
dude. i am a hopeless individual.
someone please intervene and be my friend. 

also, on a completely unrelated note, i would like very much to know where the entire month of march has gone.
does anyone know? because i am sure at a loss.
it's almost april and that means it's almost my birthday and THAT means i'm almost legitimately old.
i have a peter pan complex. and the idea of getting old is somewhat horrifying to me. 
le sigh. for my birthday i would like a time machine. kthanks.

that's kind of all i have to say right now.
oh, also that i was woken up this morning to a crew of tree cutters who were chopping and trimming and chipping and doing whatever the heck it is that they do to trees-at 6 am.
yesterday i woke up to gilly straight up punching me in the boob.
to what do i owe these fantastic mornings? 
it's hard to say. 
but maybe it could stop and i would probably not complain.

that's all for now. because i really have nothing else to talk about except that i wish i had copious amounts of money to go see the hunger games over and over and over again.


lyrics: but how do i know you don't just feel what you've been told to feel?


  1. oh gosh, i don't know what i would do without lauren and her lovely HG posts. especially today's with all the peeta lovin'. oh so adorable!! if only i were 19 again, haha
    xo TJ

  2. Found you via Erin's blog. Your blog is so cute!!! Love discovering new great blogs!


  3. i'm so happy you both came to my blog and commented. it warms my little heart. <3