February 10, 2012

life in amish country

i have gone 2 weeks sans a computer.
and then my nook broke.
and my phone was my only source of internet at that point.
and i was keeping a very watchful eye on it .
like voldemort and nagini. 
my luck has not been at it's best lately.
so i was fearful and on edge and fairly certain i would be joining an amish culture in a mere matter of days.

but, i went to geek squad to further investigate the issues of my pink computer (which is actually mine and not the borrowed one i broke..woops.)
and they said i needed a recovery disc in order to bring that Lazarus back from the dead. 
so after having that shipment expedited (only for it to arrive late, anyways) i took my pink computer and also the recovery disc back to best buy where they had me fill out a form with questions that i truly could not answer seriously.

Q:what seems to be the problem with your item?
A: it seems geek squad made my computer even less useable than before.

Q:how did this problem start?
A:i assume it all started when you gutted my computer. but i'm no geek so i wouldn't actually know for sure, would i?

Q:how often does the problem occur?
A: always. in every way. 

they said my computer would be ready in 5 weeks. 
well, 5 weeks-worst case scenario.
obviously, mr. geek squad is blissfully unaware of the horcrux hunt that is going on in my life and that everything technology with me is, in fact, worst case scenario.

so husband told me to cancel it, bring the computer and the disc back home so he could do it.
truthfully, this worries me. 
i trust him. 
i do not trust my luck lately.

also, adding to my frustration with technology, i went to barnes and noble to fix my nook and after three hours of waiting, reading the back of every book in the store and spending $6.00 on a crappy salad in the mall food court, i got sassed by the employee who "had bad enough luck to get stuck with" me. 


whatever. i got my nook back and with all of this no-computer/internet/pinterest time, i have read 3 books. 
any suggestions on a good book to read?
if not, i might just read the hunger games series again.
because--why not?

in other news:
i made a valentine's day wreath. 

also i took pictures of gilly.
because it's imposible for me to hold my camera and not take pictures of her. 


anyways, i should go be useful and productive.
but i will probably waste a few more moments on pinterest since garrett is at work and i can actually be on his computer for some minutes without him hovering. 

one day i'll get my computer back. 
le sigh.


lyrics: i am aware i've been misled. i disconnect my heart, my head.

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