February 28, 2012

find a vein.

you would think i would be blogging more, what with the fact that i actually have a computer again.
no excuses. except that i am lame. and i am weirdly and shamefully addicted to the show Greek, which netflix so conveniently has provided 6 seasons of for my constant viewing pleasure.
such an enabler, netflix.
someone intervene.

in other news, not much has happened.
i was supposed to go to virginia last weekend with my sister for a friend's surprise birthday party.
but, after weeks of planning and built up excitement, the plan got completely 86ed.
because i guess driving through a tornado/severe thunderstorms all the way there in a car with no windshield wipers is less than safe. and slightly disastrous.
so i stayed in savannah and did next to nothing with my life.
and not one cute outfit was worn. 
which isn't surprising, but i was hopeful since i would have had a weekend's access to my sister's wardrobe.

i sort of mean it when i say that not much has gone in my life.
garrett has been incredibly busy with school and work so he and i don't get to spend as much time together as we used to. but we did have a full out wrestling brawl yesterday. i don't know what it is that makes me think i'm stronger than a 6'4" man, but i always do. and i am always wrong. consequently, i always win...but only after garrett lets me win.gilly always includes herself in these brawls and on one occasion garrett convinced her that i was her newest chew toy. it resulted in a large (and i do mean significantly large) chunk of my hair being ripped from my head. not quite a success on my part, but garrett had a good laugh.
i miss that chunk of hair.

anyways, that's about it for the goings on of my life.
pretty par for the pathetic course.
(heyyo, alliteration!)
february has always sort of been a crappy month.
it's always for a different reason, but it's always crappy.

but since it is tuesday, i figure i should share some tunes.
(though i'm starting to believe this weekly blog idea has been received less than well..)
  i haven't done this for a few weeks and that has a lot to do with the fact that february is always a crappy month for me. i just haven't really felt it. the only music i felt like sharing is music that i don't think i'm ready to share just yet. ironic? yes.
you see, one year in particular, february got really crappy. the kind of crappy that changes your life and not in the good way. and for some stupid or masochistic or pathetic reason, i tend to "celebrate" (for complete lack of a better word) that time every february. i listen to the music that spoke for me, the music that felt for me when i was sick and tired of feeling it all by myself. i read my journal. and i cry. and then i am grateful to know that the girl who wrote that journal is only a part of me now. it's incredible how much a human being can endure.
and so that music is very personal. and i still fear the judgement of finding out about that girl i used to be. the girl who started this blog.
so instead, i will share something else.

the past few weeks might have been crappy, and i might have spent a good portion of the month listening to some old song loves that are very near and dear to me, but i was also blessed enough to stumbled upon some lovely new music.
and i love new music.
obsessions were formed.
and i may or may not have listened to one song on repeat for an entire day.
(what? who does that? not me... )

and it has inspired me to compile a few songs from over the years that have had that
i-cannot-stop-listening-no-matter-how-hard-i-try-or-how-much-my-husband/roommates/family-judges-me effect.
i'm finding that there have been a lot...
i'm also finding that there is no rhyme or reason to what songs i find myself addicted to.
i might be slightly embarrassed by some of them.
but whatever. addiction knows no reason.
keep in mind these are not necessarily favorite songs, just songs that struck me for some reason and caused a compulsive need to listen to over and over again.

so, forgive the slightly depressing middle portion of this blog entry. and get ready for your gateway drug to massive addiction. because if you've never been addicted to music then i suggest you start here.


lyrics: it's more than a feeling when i hear that old song play...


  1. How about "Brick" by Ben Folds Five? Or "The Luckiest"...And maybe the song from Les Mis, which has a bunch of numbers I can't recall in order, but it's the "Who am I? I'm Jean Val Jean!" Oh yeah, and The Verve Pipe one....which I also can't recall the title of at the moment.

  2. Oh and the Glee version of Defying Gravity...

  3. P.s. Do you read these comments? If so, comment back, por favor.

  4. ahh! defying gravity. i was definitely stuck on that one for a while. and YES, i read the comments. i love comments and i wish more people would comment. i feel like a loser most of the time because nobody comments.