March 10, 2012

shfifty five.

if i were not a faithful church goer, i would never know what day it was...or is..
who am i even kidding? i only know what day it is when it's sunday and i'm actually at church.
so when my sister posted on my wall, "so...tune in tuesday?" i face-palmed, growled and then felt like a doof.

i really am sorry. i'm already working on this upcoming tuesday's music. it'll be extra good.

but you know... in my defense, i have never claimed to be any kind of consistent. ever.
the only thing i do consistently is have roots and split ends.
and i sure could write about that every gosh darn day of my life because heaven knows i talk about it every gosh darn day of my life.. but writing about it would only further the reality/depression of it all.

anyways, i'll update now.

last weekend was the culmination of a few events.

1) four of my nieces (and one nephew) visiting
2) my dad's 55th birthday
3) several mini pies being made. forty, to be exact. in various flavors, mind you.
4) torrential rain

and by torrential rain, i mean a tornado watch. and that tornado watch did, if only for a few minutes, result in my whole family (present) squeezing into my dad's closet in an effort to remain safe.and squished.
gilly and i chose the hall bathroom at my parent's house. she likes to sprawl. i like the idea of not being crammed in a closet with four other adults and 5 small children. and bailey? (my parent's dog.) did anyone drag her into the closet? i don't even know. again, i was in the bathroom. she probably was left to fend for herself. that sounds terrible, but truth be told, bringing her (and her accompanying malodorous breath) into an enclosed space would have done more damage than any tornado.


after the tornado watch was over and everyone came out of the closet (insert immature laugh here.) dinner preparations began. my dad wanted to grill. grilling was truly an excellent idea considering how delicious the food ended up being. but grilling outside in torrential rain is nothing short of...a process.

as is making 40 mini pies while keeping 5 bored and antsy children occupied during torrential rain. (not that i really had much to do with mom made most of the pies. as it turns out, i suck at lattice-ing the tops of pies. mine weren't so much a lattice as they were prison barb if you catch my drift.) come to think of it, i didn't have much to do with occupying the children either. i mostly napped. at some point i showered. and i think that's sort of an accomplishment.
let sigh.
i am a disgraceful human being.

but all is well that ends well...and a thousand other cliches.
that's pretty much all there is to say about last weekend.
except that dinner was amazing, the apple pie changed my life and i have the best dad in the world and i was happy to be there to celebrate his 55th birthday.
and that's where pictures come in.

(we're all making a 55 with our hands. duh. except ellie and isaac. ellie, i think was showing off her blue hands and isaac was sort of more worshiping, i think. but you get it..)
(pretty pies. thanks to not me..)

(grubby ellie. thanks to sweat and dirt and food and the constant need to remove her pigtails. still cute.)

(sleepy husband. thanks to opening shifts at home depot.)

(this is my dad working on...something. anything, really. he's just always working. even on his day of birth. i did not harvest that attribute..i like my naps.)

(miss megan. just darling all the time.)

(pre-grilled shishkabobs. for the record, i have never typed that word before and it might have taken about 6 tries to get it right. anyways, these ended up being delicious. nom nom nom.)

(happy birthday to you, dear papa!)

(wish making. always the best.)

so that, in a nutshell of poorly lit pictures and overly-loquacious word, was last weekend.
happy birthday again, dad! you're the best.


lyrics: when it's over, so they say, it'll rain a sunny day.


  1. I loved this post.
    And I love you. :)
    Glad a tornado did not sweep you away.

  2. Its ok... I NEVER know what day of the week it is either. One day I started getting ready for work only to find out it was saturday. epic fail. Love these pics! I was in Savannah a few weeks ago and thought of yoU!