January 24, 2012

young love.

has it been a week already?
because i have some good tunes for you this week.
but first let's just chat.
 i had a dream that i was hanging out with the cast of jersey shore.
this is especially weird considering i watched an embarrassing amount of LA Ink yesterday.
and embarrassing amount, i tell you.

and provided there are no radioactive gorillas or death eaters or rapists or rap artists (yes, i have had nightmares about all of those. i did not make them up.) among the jersey shore cast (well....i mean..you know when you think about it...)
 i still consider these recurring dreams to be more like recurring nightmares than dreams. and i think i hate the jersey shore nightmares more than any of my other  recurring nightmares.

i have one that involves me going on a really fantastic yellow roller coaster but finding out half way up the click, click, click incline that my over-the-chest-boob-smashing-seat-belt device is broken. and then i finish the rest of the nightmare desperately trying to hold on to the germy handles on said seat-belt device. i always wake up just as i'm about to be thrown upside and off of the roller-coaster.
i especially hate this dream because i love roller coasters.

still, i hate the jersey shore dream more than that one.

if anyone has any sound advice or insight about what these dreams mean or interpret into, i would love to hear it. also i would love to know how to make it stop. because i do not love Deena haunting my dreams.

anyways. let's get down to business.
(to defeat the huns)

i've been thinking a lot about these new posts and the music i want to share with you guys.
i have come up with quite a few different playlists or compilations or artists that i would like the share and the stories behind them.
but i would love to hear what you want, too.
so keep that in mind and leave your suggestions or ideas in a comment.

i spent the week listening to several of my pre-made playlists that i already have on my ipod.
i have made a good selection of playlists in my ipod owning days.
so where do i begin?
well, i guess i'll start at the very beginning.
that's a very good place to start, no?
well, not the very beginning.
but you'll get it.

i recently had a conversation with garrett and  my sister and her husband, jared.
i asked them what their first favorite song was.
garrett and jared both deserved a big slap in the face because they said they didn't really listen to music much until they were a bit older.
absurd, right?
but jackie and i shared a room together for a few years and we used to listen to the radio a lot. and before i was in school i would listen to music with my mom as she cleaned her house.
so i have prepared for you a compilation of the music i think of when i go back to being little.
i have specific memories attached to each song.
even if they are just weird memories like driving past my old elementary school.
or feather dusting lamps in my living room with my mom.
this isn't just a pile of songs that came out when i was little. 
they were my first favorites.
my first loves, if you will.

yes, that's right. air supply.
don't act like you don't get goose bumps at the crescendo of "making love out of nothing at all"
you love it.
i love it.
billy ray cyrus, well...there's a story behind that one.
but i'll spare my mom the embarrassment. :she already has a daughter who dreams about the jersey shore cast. :]

lyrics: the beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost and it's looking for a rhythm like you.

ps. you can expect several of these to be repeated when i bust out my nineties playlist. just you way. it's petty fabulous.
pps. please do not judge me too harshly for the weird things that go on in my brain whilst i sleep.


  1. A few things:

    When I read "Let's get down to business," "To defeat the huns" was already in my head before I read that you'd written it.

    Second, Billy Ray doesn't appear on the playlist as I see it, but if the song is Achy Breaky Heart, you should know that my entire life I've been called "Aikey" (OK...I changed the way it was spelled) after that song.

    and Third, most of your playlist deserves a place on my "first loves" list.

    Plus "Evergreen" by Barbara Streisand.

  2. i blasted mayday today. i thought of you, and I am stoked about this musical tuesday thing. you do have awesome music. love you.

  3. i take issue with this list in that it clearly lacks Boston, Chicago and Toto. But the rest of it is great. And I second Brit's comment.

  4. I had to google "recurring dreams about Jersey Shore" tonight because I couldn't stand it anymore. For the past 6 months or so I have been having dreams at least once a month about Jersey Shore! In all cases, they involve me being a member of the cast, and different situations happening. In one dream, I was in love with Vinny. In another I was stressing because I was overweight and I was afraid Mike was going to make fun of me and embarass me in front of everyone, I don't remember a couple of the others, but today's was that I was having a conversation with Sammi about who was going to be in the last season because Snooki had a baby and JWoww was pregnant. WTH is going on? Do you still have these dreams? I will admit I did watch the show faithfully, and still watch Snooki and Jwoww, but I don't obsess about it or go crazy researching the cast every day. What were your dreams about? Any idea why recurring dreams happen? LOL Glad to know I am not the only person going JShore crazy!!

    1. oh my stars! it's not just me!! i can't say i have had a Jersey Shore dream any time lately, but they were seriously like once a week there for a while. I would dream i was part of the cast and, like you said, totally concerned about what Mike was going to say to me, afraid i was the grenade Pauly would make fun of. I would get in fights with the girls. it was awful. i don't have a single clue what they meant, but come back here and let me know if you ever find out!!