January 23, 2012

acid, ghetto, peg.

let's talk briefly about how my eyeballs are on fire.
just briefly, guys.
but seriously. they're on fire.
sometimes i feel like my contact solution is amazing and does wonderful things for my contacts.
other times i feel like it is nothing short of hydrofluoric acid. 
today is more of the latter. 
today i also attempted to wear skinny jeans. 
i do that every so often. 
and every single time it's a fail. 
every. single. time.
le sigh.
i hate todays. 
sorry, monday. it's nothing personal. except for the fact that you suck.
in other news: i'm thinking of writing a mini segment every so often. 
it will be called, "This Week in the Ghetto"
and i think it will be, in a word, spectacular. 
because 1) i truly live in the ghetto. 
and 2) there are some seriously ghetto things that go on.

This Week In The Ghetto:
as i casually approached my kitchen sink (which faces an alleyway) to refill my brita pitcher, a man came meandering up the alley  from the street. that same man stopped right in front of my kitchen window and peed in my yard. 
that happened. 

some days later gilly got out of the yard.
this completely terrifies me.
i hate when she gets out because i don't particularly trust my neighbors.
(also, she is the cutest pup in the world and i would steal her if she weren't mine already.)
but she got out nonetheless. because she is houdini.
and she wasn't hurting anybody. she was just barking.
because that's what she does. she's a dog.
she barked at our neighbor.
he yelled over the fence to me and told me to come get her before he killed her. 
classic peg.

what? you don't know where the phrase classic peg comes from? 

(for the record, i want to yell "A FIFTY!...AND IT'S LEGIT!" every time someone hands me a fifty dollar bill at work. every time.)

i just watched Peg and have lost complete track of what i was saying.
but that's fine. i'll leave you with that.

come back soon, friends. 


lyrics: oh monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be..


  1. classic peg. love her. i mean him. heshe?! love you!

  2. I just about died laughing! Oh my goodness!!