January 17, 2012

love and some verses

when i started this blog i did so with the intentions of venting my life and the frustrations and happenings therein in a fashion that would not result in the severe cramping of my right hand.
i've never been the best journal keeper because the ratio of "what i have to say" and "number of sentences before my hand cramps" is less than even.
so i started typing.
i never really thought anyone would give a rat's crack about what i actually had to say. (or that i would end up sucking just as much at typing my emotions as i am at writing them--but we'll ignore that right now.)
but since i have 51 people semi-following this blog (sidenote: if you in any way even sort of read this on any kind of consistent basis, i'm going to need you to scroll on over to the right side of your screen and click on "join this site" under the "Followers" tab. franks a million. end of sidenote.)
i decided that maybe people really do want to read what i have to say.
but then i read other fantastic blogs and i feel so weird and awkward writing in my blog.
because i'm not a fashion blogger. and i'm not a mommy blogger. i'm just me.
and not a ton happens in my life.
my husband is a student and works part time. i work part time at a job i kind of really hate.
and i do hair and makeup part time.

that's sort of my life. it's nothing glamorous.
my clothes are nothing if not average.
my hair is an incredibly boring and awkward length of "just past the shoulders".
and i live in a cute little duplex right smack dab in the middle of the ghetto.

i clean my house just about every day.
(and every night it seems looks like it needs a good cleaning again..curious)
i snuggle with my puppy.
i make cards.
i fold laundry.
i make wreaths that end up getting stolen off of my front door.
and i listen to a butt-load of music during all of it.

so you can see how, despite the fact that i open up blogger with the intentions of blogging every single day, i don't have much to write about.
but i promised to change my poor blogging habits. and i'm going to make good on that promise.
because in all of this house cleaning, craft making and other extraordinarily mundane things i take part in every day, i have re-discovered something fantastic:
i listen to freaking awesome music.

and thanks to spotify and youtube, i can share that music with you.
entire playlists, even.

so it is with great pleasure and joy that i dub each Tuesday from here on out:
Tune in Tuesday.
Tune in Tuesday will be a thing of absolute greatness in that it will consist of both music and my memories and/or feelings behind them.
because if there's a good and decent song out there then i have more than likely either attached a memory to it or had some sort of deep and meaningful thought about it that has probably brought me to tears.

you see, i'm not like most people.
i have an incredible sense of feeling.
a sort of manic/depressive emotional gauge.
when i feel good, i feel really good.
when i am happy, i am really happy.
and when i am sad. i am really sad.
i just feel more.
and when i feel so much, my words always fall short.
but music never does.
so, a few years ago, when my sister was going through hard things and was struggling with trying to be happy..i was so honored that she would confide in me. and i wanted to fix it. i wanted to help her. i wanted her to know that i would do anything to take that away from her.
but what i felt was so much more than that.
so did i say that to her?
no.i kicked it old school and made her a cd.
music just speaks better than i do.
and it speaks to me better than anything else ever seems to be able to.
and i think you all should be privy to the incredible conversations that go on between me and music.

so strap on your seatbelts, people. strap them on.
because it's Tuesday. and it's time to tune in. to start it all off, i will pay homage to the man who provided such a perfect title for this blog. his name is sam beam and and he is the voice behind the artist title of iron and wine.
iron and wine is probably best known for the amazing song,Flightless bird, American mouth, that has featured in at least two of the twilight movies. (maybe more. i don't know..or really care for that matter.)
but my love affair with iron and wine began long before the love affair between tweenagers and edward cullen.
i spent a lot of my nights and weekends at home while i was in high school.
and by a lot, i mean almost all of them.
and i would spend most of that time either doing makeup, scrapbooking or searching/listening to the greatest music this world had to offer me.
enter Iron and Wine. the first song i heard was Naked As We Came.
it was different. it was soothing. it was real.
(not to mention far less angsty than most of my other high school jams.)
but it hit me, nonetheless.
as did the rest of the "Endless Summer Days" album.
it was such a new sound to me and, again, i couldn't think of a way to explain it.
until i went out to visit my oldest sister in college.
and she said of the music, "I'll know i'm in love when my life sounds like an Iron and Wine song."
amen, sister.
and then one day, as i was packing up my hair school belongings and heading out into the most beautiful Provo, Utah evening with the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen, i put in my headphones. i set my ipod to shuffle. and there it was. an iron and wine song that i had not heard yet.
the song hit me like a brick.
i stopped in the middle of the parking lot and just listened. it was beautiful.
and i knew it would be significant to my life in some way. it was The Trapeze Swinger. and from that song i gleaned the title of my blog. eloquent graffiti. oh, you haven't listened to iron and wine yet? well, you should. and you should do so on spotify. i made a mini playlist of some of my favorite songs.
take a listen by clicking the link below.
Iron and Wine=Love
go on, change your life a little bit.

lyrics: love and some verses you hear say what you can't say.


  1. hey you, I hope you know how talented you are... you are such an amazing writer and thats why I love to read your blog and everything you have to say. I really enjoyed this post because music does change your life! I know what you mean about not knowing what to blog too..I dont blog because I feel like I do not have an amazing life to blog about. I am home everyday all day with a baby and its hard sometimes..but I agree that music makes it all better. I love it when a song can hit you like ton of bricks. That is the best feeling ever.. that has happened to me many times and it is such a sentimental feeling sometimes. Anyways, I hope you know how much I appreciate you and love you...and this blog. Keep on writing :) love you

  2. I always read. :)
    p.s. I can't believe your wreath got stolen! Ridic.

  3. LOOVEEE THISS!!! Music was probably one of the reasons we survived hair school... lets be honest. love you!

  4. I can't believe you clean your house every day. Could you PLEASE come do that for me? :)

  5. I have no memory of saying that....but honored to make the blog anyway. :)