January 5, 2012

5 minutes late.

happy new year.
i realize this is a few days late.
but if you consider the fact that i was too enthralled with Red Bull's New Year No Limit 2012 jump that i didn't even realize it was midnight until it was 12:05..then it's kind of really fitting that this post is late, too.

but you know, in my defense i was really under the impression that he was going to jump at midnight. seriously.
what the hail? i feel cheated.
my new year's kiss was 5 minutes late.
starting of the new year nice and lame.
want to know what blows my mind?
two. thousand. and. twelveeeeee.
what is that?
was it really 12 years ago that i was at disney world ringing in, not just the new year, but the millennium and sporting my fluorescent orange, limited too windbreaker pants and matching "LIMITED TOO" t-shirt?
12 years? good grief.
le sigh..
farewell, 2011.

anyways, in other news.
i threw my back out trying to open my freezer.
(i am only just now realizing how geriatric that sounds.)
but our freezer is a bottom drawer, sliding freezer.
and it froze shut.
way to be an over-achiever, freezer.

speaking of freezing, garrett and i spent the holidays at my parent's house and came back this week. instead of coming back to a warm home sweet home kind of environment, we came back to this.
Home sweet freezing home.

and since our house is 4 million years old, it took 7 hours to warm up.
which means i spent the rest of that day on the couch, cuddling with gilly and watching What Not To Wear.
i didn't get much done, but i did come to the conclusion that
1) gilly is the cutest thing in the world
Sreepy pup.
2) stacy and clinton need to be my new therapists.

i need to go clean. without bending, moving, lifting or stretching.
should be interesting.


lyrics: so this is the new year. and i don't feel any different.


  1. Your New Years sounded fun! Hope to see you guys soon!

  2. hahaha limited too... i love it! Miss you much!