August 29, 2011

giveaway winner announced. also i am lame.

i am officially the worst blogger in the universe.
(that's assuming there are other life forms throughout the universe and they have access to the interweb and they choose to blog.)
pretty much the minute after we moved i had the busiest schedule i've had in months.
i have been going non-stop for so long it seems AND (adding to my busy schedule) i just got a job and will now be working full time.

i really do apologize so so so much for being such a freaking slacker.
i really had no intentions of life getting so crazy so fast.

for the record, by random selection, Brenna Bee won the giveaway (from forever ago!)
sorry, brenna.
just let me know which prints you are partial to and i'll send them your way.

i am so sorry about that.
the next giveaway will not be nearly as chaotic or weird because i do not plan on moving again any time soon.

i really am going to get back into blogging. i just need august to end. it has been quite a month.
le sigh...
forgive me, my dears.


lyrics: it's like you're always stuck in second gear...


  1. Ummm pretty sure either you are wrong about being the worst blogger ( since I have only left 3 entries on mine...ever) or it is hereditary. Sorry, again. But I think your blog is awesome and I like it. So there. And I will tell you one thing more...I LIKE YOU! so there! I said it! mom

  2. so, how comes you never did tell me i won? but yay for me! i won my first blog giveaway!