August 19, 2011

home sweet home.

okay. i realize that my time off from blogging occurred at a most unfortunate time. i mean--who starts a giveaway and then totally doesn't follow through with it? lame people. that's who.

but the thing is. i moved.
well, we moved.
husband and i, that is.
on a whim.

and i suppose this is about the only time in our life that we will ever be able to do such a thing.
but you much fun as packing up and moving out of our old place and into a new place over a weekend (keep in mind we previously lived on the third floor of an apartment complex) was..i'm kind of grateful that we won't be able to do such a thing for forever. because wow. it was a lot.

but yes, we moved.
we're now living in downtown savannah where homes are old and antique-y. and trees are covered in moss and hang down over the streets and houses. and people walk and ride bikes and they mostly look like fashion bloggers and magazine models.
our house is 75 years old.
garrett now longboards to class. (that means we're saving about 2-300 dollhairs in gas each month)
and we are loving our new home.
however, i have been without the interweb for quite some time now. we only just now got it set up and thus i have not been able to blog for quite some time.
but i'm back...ish now.
it seems my august is turning out to be fairly busy.
and by fairly i mean extremely.
one of my best friends just got married last week and i was in south carolina for a good portion of the week. and now this week my siblings and grandma are all in town.
and i have to work at See Jane this week.
gah! things are good. but things are crazy.
please be patient with me while i organize my life a bit.
thank you, kindly.


lyrics: but all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity.

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  1. PUH-LEASE show your lovely home!!! I adore Savannah!! I can't wait to see this lovely place!