July 14, 2011

thanks for not stepping on my sandwich.

i don't do this often.
but sometimes there just isn't a better way to say happy birthday than to bust out the cheese and list the many reasons why you love someone.
today is grace's birthday.
and she deserves a countdown from 21 to let her know how badge-tastic she is.

21. she doesn't care that i'm at like 78* years her senior.
20. she opened up a whole new world of humor to me. the diabeetus humor.
19. she's died before. i think that makes her pretty legit.
18. she didn't run away when i drafted her to make my wedding invites with me for 3 days/nights solid.
17. not everyone will watch 10 minute intervals of full episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark on youtube with me. but grace will.
16. she has footed the bill on more than one occasion when we dine out at sonic.
15. she got me and garrett jersey shore season 1 as a wedding gift.
14. b. scott. baalaance.
13. music is her gift.
11. she loves garrett and approves of my marrying him.
10. she believes in mustaches. and santa claus.
09. she has never gone benedict on me. i joke about it, but i'm pretty freaking grateful for it.
08. she often texts me in franglish. example: "why are you not at ze beach wiz me?"
07. speaking of franglish...ice wah-tare.
06. she's cool with 2 days straight of youtube watching and face stalking.
05. she's a life ruiner. she ruins people's lives.
04. on halloween, while dressed as batgirl, she leaped towards the grocery store automatic doors and shouted "TO THE BAT-MOBILE!"...only to realize that leaping kept the door sensors from recognizing she was there. consequently she blasted into the door. not through the door.
03. she helped me through my hard times of being declined by Rag the vag at Smith's.
02. her birthday is also the celebratory day of the last harry potter movie. awwwwesome.
01. she's one of my most constant friends i've ever had. despite our constant distance. she really is just a fantastic person and i feel pretty blessed to have her as my friend.

so that's that.
happy birthday, grace.
i'm sending my love to you on the wings of love. (or hedwig.)

or trang.

* give or take about 75 1/2 years

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