July 18, 2011

motivation, please.

i have an extremely messy house right now.
garrett and i have been practically living at my parents for 2 months because for the past 2 month we've had so many things going on that required us to be at their house. and it was just easier to stay there than drive back and forth every day.
but that resulted in us bringing a whole bunch of crap over to their house.
last night we moved back into our house.
and i'm not joking. it looks like we did move.
i told garrett i would clean and organize and grocery shop while he was at school.
but all i want to do is pin my life away on pinterest and read harry potter and sleep.
i cannot seem to do enough of that lately.

someone motivate me.

in other news, i'm thinking of doing a giveaway from my etsy shop.
are you willing to participate.
let me know.
it could be great.

this housework on the other hand....not so great.


lyrics: motivate me. i wanna get myself out of this bed.

1 comment:

  1. make pinterest and naps and books rewards for certain tasks. Go grocery shopping, then pinterest for 30 minutes. Clean one room, read one chapter. Only nap if you're sunbathing at the same time. Multitask!