July 20, 2011


yesterday i had the headache that just wouldn't quit.
the kind of headache that is all too similar to those people* who invite themselves over, eat your food, poo in your toilet and then don't take the hint that it's time to leave.
and by hint i mean i'm in bed asleep.
in fact, those people are very much a headache in and of themselves, are they not?

one eternal round.

in all my agony i tried to determine the source of my headache.

was it the 5 hours of sleep i got the night before? (curse you, 24** for being so dang addicting.)
was it the fact that my hair was exceptionally big yesterday?
was it the unbearable heat that makes me wish for death and ironically answers that wish by simply existing?
was it because i was forced to sit on the floor for 2 hours while garrett was in class and i waited for him?
was it the position i slept in after realizing that sitting for 2 hours on the floor wasn't going to happen? (especially after the aforementioned 5 hours of sleep..)

the actual reason, you ask?
i don't know.
i never came to a conclusion. so quit hounding be about it, geez. i had a headache.

regardless. it sucked.

and garrett's sudden urge to move furniture and re-do everything in our house (which obviously included a trip to target and a 2nd trip to walmart to just peruse the merchandise we cannot afford) (two trips to walmart in one day should never happen. unless you have a hankering for a really bad head ache.) obviously eased the pain a great deal.
he's just so thoughtful that way.

(i'll take this time to reiterate all of the lovey-dovey things i've said before concerning my husband. i love him. he is the best. so don't go judging me. i had a headache. my word, how many times do i have to tell you?)

i don't even know where i was going with this post. i lost myself in a slew of parenthetical statements and sass.

i should probably go bathe now.
forgive my rambling.
it was the headache talking.


lyrics: better luck is on my wishlist.

*i have absolutely no experience with people like this.
**yes, i just this week started watch 24. judge me.

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