June 1, 2011

let's do business.

a mini update.

garrett got accepted to SCAD (that's Savannah College of Art and Design) and we are stoked about it. the only thing we're not stoked about is the tuition.
it is pricey to say the least.
the very least.
and since garre will be playing baseball for them and doing his studious work he won't be able to work as much as he has been.
so i feel very motivated to do something and pull some of my own weight.
lately i've been trying my hand at photoshop/illustrator and i've found that i really, really love making things.
especially prints.
so i decided to open an etsy store.
so i did.

click here
to check it out and feel free to fancy up your home with some pretty prints!

here are a few of my creations.

that's it for now. i need to go clean up the torn up cardboard box miss Gilly just chewed up.


lyrics: we can build this dream together.

1 comment:

  1. love you and your creations! i so want to learn how to do this because in about 2 weeks this lady will have lots of free time and pain medicine...woohoo-wish you were here, girl. miss you like crazy!!!