June 23, 2011


i have no less than one million things to do.
i leave for girls camp in t-minus 3 days.
one a scale from 1-ready
i am somewhere between 5 and freaking out.

my body is still on california time.
did i mention that i went to california?
i did.
my sister in law got married and is now a happily married wife.
so husband and i got to fly west for a long weekend and see family.
it was a whirlwind of a trip and we wished we could have stayed longer.
but we're glad we got to go.

buuuut now my body wants to sleep at all the wrong times and considering all of the things i need to get done...that's bad.

anyways, back to camp.
i am ill prepared.
and adding to my scrambled mind and chaotic life, i was asked to give a talk in church this weekend.
i could never turn down someone's request for me to speak in church, but i am slightly/completely overwhelmed.
i can't think clearly enough to plan a 20 minute talk.
i can't even think clearly enough to get my morning routine straight.
(i did it all sorts of wrong today..)

i should be working on my pointless, garbage-bound girls camp gifts for my girls.
i should be planning my nightly devotionals.
i should be writing a talk.

instead i am resisting the INSANE urge to go read my book.
and i am blogging.
i am a fool.
a fool with a long list of shoulds.


lyrics: i can't think straight.

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