May 30, 2011

poor pink computer.

i miss the blogging world.
i feel so detached.
i also feel like since very, very few people have made any comment about my lack of blogging that perhaps i wasn't reaching as many people as i thought i was.
waaamp waaamp. poor pink computer is STILL in the icu and in the care of the geekiest geek squaders, i'm sure. but i miss the freedom of having my computer all the time.
garrett is so kind and patient and of course he lets me borrow his computer whenever i want.
but i just feel so bad asking for it all the time.
and so my blogging has taken the back burner.

but i hope it won't be long before i get my poor pink computer back.
because i actually have things i would like the blog about and pictures i would like to display.
but they are all on my poor pink computer.
(but they were saved!)

le sigh.
until next time...which hopefully won't be too long.


lyrics: give a little bit of your love to me.

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