April 2, 2011

orange crush.

right now i am sitting on my craft/hair room floor. i have multiple foils of bleach in my hair.
i did them myself.
this is possibly the ballsiest thing i have ever done.

yesterday a serious personality flaw struck hard.
and i paid an ever so slightly disappointing price for it.

i love instant results.
vacuuming and ironing are spectacular to me.
because what you want-you get instantly.
awesome, right?

well, yesterday i was bored. i was hating my poopy, boring hair.
and i wanted change.
instant change.
so i decided i would teach my mom how to highlight my hair.
the disappointment factor does not come from this, though.
in fact, my mom did an amazing job!
her foils were tight, well placed and (if i'm being honest) definitely better than my first set of foils.
however, in my effort to procure a hasty hair change--i neglected to take into account the level 7 filler Bree placed on my hair before coloring it to the reddish brown i desired.
i know this makes little to no sense if you don't do hair.
but suffice it to say that i had a good deal of warm tones (red and orange) in my brown hair.
consequently, bleach (which i didn't leave on long enough...because i was tired of waiting) turned this reddish brown color into a lovely shade of tangerine orange.

pretend you're coloring with crayons.
first, you color a with a white crayon. (this was my previous blonde hair)
then, you color over that with a coppery-red color. (that was my fill color)
lastly, you color it with a pretty red-brown crayon. (that was my final color)

then one day you decide you don't want that pretty red-brown color anymore.
so you take the white crayon and you color over the red-brown color.
needless to say, it's not going to get you back to that previous white color you had.
rather, it will give you an orangey-blah sort of color.

that's what color my highlight turned out to be.
well, most of them.
some of them turned out fine.
those were the foils i left on long enough.

the color looks a lot like hayley from paramore.
(which is probably why garrett tells me he likes it. he might not admit it, but i know he has a crush on her.)
in some places it looks cool.
like i melted it and planned on this look.
in some places it looks trashy.

soo now..as i wait for the second session of conference to start again, i have gone through the extra orange places and have re-foiled them...allowing the bleach to penetrate more than i did last night.

then i will be toning the mess out of it and crossing fingers, toes and eyeballs that it doesn't look too horrible.

excuse my ugly.
it's been one of those days.

wish me luck!
if all goes well i will have awesome hair.
if all does not go well, i will shave my head like brittany spears.


lyrics: you live. you learn.

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  1. yes! we're yellow/orange together! wish you were closer so you could help me with mine.