March 12, 2011

gilly girl

my life has changed.

tuesday afternoon a young man placed a dirty, stinky puppy in my arms. she had been left (by her previous owners) in a parking lot with no way to survive on her own. she had poop on her forehead and tail and in her paws. her ribs, shoulder blades and pelvic bones were poking out. her belly was full of worms.
and i loved her completely.

i have spent the past 4 days trying to figure out my new life with her.
doing things takes longer now. i get less sleep. and i worry all the time that she's going to pee in the house.

in a lot of ways, i feel like i just had a baby.
i worry she'll do something wrong. i worry she won't be a good dog. i worry about her health.

i wonder if she knows how much garrett and i love her. i wonder if she worries that she'll go back to a scary parking lot one day.

i sound ridiculous.
but this is just me being honest.
i really didn't know as i walked into that animal shelter how much i would love and give and want for the tiny puppy i would find in there.

so yes, my life has changed. for the better.
she makes me happy in a whole different kind of way.
be expecting several future posts to be about nothing more than just how cute she is.

this is Gilly.
named after an SNL character who is a mischievous elementary school girl.
and even though her namesake is always up to no good, our Gilly is usually a very good girl.
she has learned to sit on command.
she hovers around the door when she needs to go potty.
(we've had no accidents today)
she's learning her name and how to romp around.
she's getting very used to her kennel at night and almost never cries to come out.

she makes her mama very happy.
she is impossible to not love.

my life has changed.
and i couldn't be happier about it.


lyrics: you just call out my name and you know wherever i am-i'll come running to see you again.