March 21, 2011

this is special.

[warning: this is a two part post. a to be continued post, if you will. it is mostly pictures and trips down memory lane. enjoy.]

sometimes your life changes.
sometimes huge things happen.
sometimes you become a different you because of one single thing.
and then that thing is over.
that huge thing happens.
and your life, though changed, goes on...

and years later it feels like it never even happened.
but it did happen..right?

that's how i've been feeling for the past few weeks.

from 14 to 18 i attended a type of camp (for lack of a better term) every summer.
(by camp, i mean we stayed in dorms, ate in a cafeteria and did absolutely no camping whatsoever)
it was called especially for youth.
more commonly known as efy.

i looked forward to efy from the moment my mother and i dropped my siblings off for their first time. i longed to be old enough to attend and experience what they did. 14 could not come fast enough.
looking back i can't believe how fast time actually did go. it seems like only minutes between my yearning for 14 and the devastation of being 18 and knowing it was the end.
sometimes time really does fly. having fun or not, it flies. and from time to time i need reminders that it did all happen..even if it seems so long ago.
so..buckle up, friends. we're about to blast through few horrendously awkward pictures of my life at efy. (forgivethe low quality pictures. most of these were taken on disposable cameras.)

2002 [We Believe]:

with my besties.
with one of the teachers.(with a picture of his wife so he doesn't look like a creeper)
with my counselors.

2003 [Look and Live]:

we called this the mammoth goat.
kaycie, brittany and i took a picture here every year.
another teacher picture. i am awkward.

this was sexy bod man. photography skills: A+

this is coralie. we loved efy together.

this was a boy crush.

coralie and me again.

this was amy, my counselor. she changed my life.

kalee and me...with china eyes.

this is sara. i think we had just met.

2004 [Stand in the Light]:

this is adam. he shoved 6 chicken nuggets in my mouth. i gagged.

this was my group. our name was Rejoice.

adam's twin, aaron. and me.

some sweet girls (i don't remember the one in the middle, but the one on the right is esther. and she is darn cute.)in my group. and boy,am i not the coolest person ever?

game night with lindsay (on my left) and YES, to my right that is Rachel from Tunes and Spoons!

and there we are again!

another boy crush. and brush ups.

gazeebo picture. again.

that's my best friend. her name is brittany.

babies. we were absolute babies.

baxter. another boy crush. i was a skeez of sorts.

2005 [A More Excellent Way]:

harriet and i go way back.


miss catherine and me.


i initially read this sign wrong. woops.


catherine and courtney. i love them.


britt and i were placed in the same group. complete coincidence.


teacher picture.


i was very matchy..




service project.


this was planned.


kaycie and me.


i guess i thought i was cool. with my counselors.


catherine was hot. i was just single.

2006 [Stand in the Light]:

love me some courtney.


so strong.




love of my life.


it was raining.


i try to be their sister sometimes.


i said no. :]


counselor boy crush.


glory be. this is the year i met grace. my life will never be the same.






skeezing. typical.

there it is.
five summers.
five incredible summers.
five summers that changed me.
no, made me.
i am who i am because of these five summers.

and even though they were eons ago..
and even though i've only kept in contact with a few of these people
they all contributed.
their comments, their friendship, their jokes, their notes, their testimonies, their spirit.
and i'm sure most of them don't remember me...but i find myself here...years later..grateful for them.
and so very grateful for the time i got to spend with them.
and for the experiences i got to share with them.

there is a special, special place in my heart for these five summers spent at efy.
there is a special feeling in my heart knowing that all this did happen.

to be continued...

lyrics: shine the light. don't hide the light. if they find the light then the world will change.


  1. i loveee it! and am so sad we didn't become friends till the Thursday of our last year! at least we got to be counselors and roommates together, right? i love you and miss you lots!

  2. I started singing the lyrics at the bottom....and thought of cruising through Atlanta singing it in the Vue at the top of our lungs!!

    Maybe I miss being 17?!

  3. oh my!!!! we are so so young!!! i loved this little montage!!! those were some pretty sweet summers! its crazy that more than half of us are all married and grown up now, where did the time go?

  4. Oh, EFY; I loved myself the most when I was there.
    (you are also so cute! and I believe her name was Cerise! She was a hoot!)