February 7, 2011

i'm back.

despite popular beliefs (and possible hopes) i have not fallen off the face of the earth.
but i did fall into quite a funk last week.
(i apologize for failing to update on free slice wednesday. i am so lame.)
i will spare the details of said funk, but suffice it say that you didn't miss anything except a whole lot of Debbie Downer comments, a poop smear attitude and an embarrassing amount of crying.
such a funk.

my husband is a patient, patient man. he is the best. (that was said in a nacho libre accent in my head.)

but i'm prozac-ed up and doing much better this week, thank you.
i apologize for the inconvenience. i know several of you were nearly crawling into your death bed of despair due to my lack of blogging. truly sorry about that, friends.

in other news,
i'm writing for examiner.com now. i'm writing in the beauty and cosmetics area and would be much obliged if you could check out my articles. the more page views i get-the higher my pay. so do me a solid and get to clicking.'cause mamma needs a new pair of shoes*.

in other (other) news, the packers won the super bowl.
i have little to no interest in football (the super bowl, specifically) but i do believe the fact that i was, in fact, born in Wisconsin had a lot to do with their win.

also, as embarrassing as this is to say, i have an ingrown toenail. i am in a lot of pain.
and i am absolutely disgusted by this ingrown toenail of mine for 2 reasons:

1. i feel like "ingrown toenail" is the equivalent to "head lice", "hook worm" , "beer belly" and any other trashy misfortune.
2. i despise nail diseases. my textbook in cosmetology school had several pages of unslightly nail deformities and sicknesses that nearly made me toss my cookies every time i saw them. i'm gagging as i type.

i'll leave you with that mental image.


lyrics: here comes the sun and i say-it's all right.

* shoes is loosely translated, but not limited to, other items such as: makeup, new clothing, groceries, a new transmission, a puppy, and/or rent.

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