January 31, 2011

tight jeans and mullets.

what is it about Journey that makes me want to dance like i'm having some sort of musical seizure and sing louder than anyone with my lack of vocal talent should ever sing?

today i began what i'm sure will be the beginning of a fairly lengthy Journey kick.
[i have a somewhat addictive personality]
feel free to jam with me.

if you want to get teary eyed and goosebumped--listen to faithfully first. you'll be disgusted with yourself forever thinking miley cyrus was a musician.

and while we're on that topic, i would like to let it be known that i will be teaching dances at girls camp this summer (since i was called into the yw program and as the camp director). and my only reason for having even the slightest iota of desire to learn the hoedown throwdown is because of this calling.

i know good music. trust me. just click play.

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what music are you loving right now?


lyrics: hold on to that feeling.

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