February 10, 2011

the f bomb never sounded so good.

you can't stop listening to the song that inspired this blog either?
that is coincidental, isn't it?

it was a blessed day and many moons ago that i stumbled upon this song.
thanks for changing my life, iron and wine.
i am forever indebted to you and your lyrical magic.


lyrics: please remember me...and all my uphill clawing.


  1. I love iron and wine! My 'lyrically magic' song would have to be A Beautiful Day by U2. I love when something can reach you so privately.

  2. yessss i love song recommendations. thank you for this!

    and girl, to follow up on your friend comment, you are not missing anything by not having seen r-rated movies. junk. i frequently think there is no reason for the things that give them that rating.