February 18, 2011

death. taxes. and puppy love.

do you ever open up blogger, click to write a new post, begin writing and then give up half way through?

i've done that 6 times.

my motivation level is low.

my car is still broken and the repairs are pricey.
i clean my house twice a day and somehow it still remains messy.
i have a nasty, ripped open blister on my heel.
and i'm starving.

these aren't intended to be complaints.
they're more of an explanation of my lack of motivation.

also, i skipped free slice wednesday.
i could give an excuse, but i'll just say i'm lame and that's why.
i intended to write about dogs.
because i love them.
and they make me happy.

and right now i would do just about anything to be snuggling with a little pup.
that would make any bad day better.
and i sure could go for a better day right now.
...and the unconditional, unbiased, unfeigned love of a dog.

sounds good right now.
what would make your day a bit better?


lyrics: 'cause everybody needs someone that they can trust.


  1. Yeah, I do that sometimes. It's hard to be inspired and motivated sometimes, but the more you do it, the better you get!

    My day would be better if my headache would go away :(