January 24, 2011


today is laundry day.
today i get my shears back. (and can finally cut my poor mother's hair)
today i began the arduous process of getting my cosmetology license switched to georgia.
today my nose is a faucet.
today i want to craft everything in sight.
today i miss my friends in utah.
today i am wondering if anybody reads this blog...
today my husband is especially cute.
today is a good day.

as far as laundry days go, that is. :]


lyrics: and it don't seem right living for speed limit signs. ignore and cross every line gotta let emotion take you over twenty miles at a time...


  1. I read. and still love you always. Your such a great blogger. I want to blog but I feel like my life isnt exciting, so it would be boring. I dont know. Wish I could be still living in SC. Id get my toes done. I might be having a baby shower down there in the next 5 months. Ill for sure let you know. love you

  2. i miss you!
    and yes, i read your blog!