January 19, 2011

it's in the bag.

alright, alright. i confess: i wasn't actually invited to be a part of this blog crawl, but since i'm mostly lame and incredibly creepy, i decided to invite myself to be a part of it.
classic creep. that's what i am.

i will give ashley from a hasty life credit for the cute idea though. this blog crawl is called "it's in the bag". ashley decided to take the blog world on a fun and interesting adventure deep into the depths of the ever mysterious purse.

the first part of all of this is to showcase what the purse itself looks like. and here's another confession.
while i do own nicer purses, i'm just not really a fancy person. and in my opinion donning jeans and a t shirt and mr. vuitton at the same time just looks too paradoxical.

so my purse of choice ends up being something more laid back and casual. i would show a picture of it, but it looks kind of trashy while it's just laying there. but essentially it looks something like this.

okay. on to the innards.

1-my wallet. a christmas gift from garrett's mom last year since my previous wallet was stolen out of garrett's car.

2- secret wonderland lotion. it's not my favorite scent from bath and body, but i got it for free while i was there. and i have dry hands. so i'll take it.

3- advil. or vitamin A as my mother refers to it. it's a must. i never want to be unprepared when a nasty headache comes squirming my way.

4- lip gloss. i'm a lip gloss girl and i always will be. because i am a cursed individual, color on my lips makes my teeth look like a marvelous shade of custard or cheesecake yellow. and so i gloss. always.

5- black nail polish. judge me. i don't care.

6- my phone...and my 7th grade style phone cover. jealous?

7- my ipod. i'm truly unsure of how people ever did anything like wait in line at the dmv without this puppy.

8- bobby pins. the bottom of my purse is littered with these bad boys. one day my hair will grow and i won't need 15 of them to keep my hair up. but until that day i never go anywhere without a few (or a ton) extra.

(not indivudually photographed)
9- a tampon. because you never know when you're going to have the "i'm not pregnant" confirmation.

10- a weave comb. this aint your usual comb, sista. this comb allows me to tame, tease and do a few highlights while i'm out if i feel like it.

11- a felt tip pen. it does great things for my handwriting.

bam. did i just blow your mind or what?

so there you have it. the entrails of my purse.
no need to mug me. you know what's in there now.


lyrics: i want to be free to feel the way i feel.

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