January 6, 2011

promises, promises.

i had every intention of blogging lastnight.
i started to.
i was all tucked into bed with my blankies up to my chin.
but then i heard garrett breathing in that way he only breathes when he is in a deep sleep. and it was just so tempting.
even more tempting was the desire to wake him from that deep sleep just to tell him i love him and give him one last good night kiss.

i'm sure he hates it when i do that, but it happens fairly often. so he deals.

i promised pictures from chrissamissa and i do my best not to break them.

there we are, in all of our woodbury family glory. oh, and grandma modey.

the williams family.

the woodbury family. check out their blog here!

the andersen family.

yours truly with my handsome husband.

and the ones who made it all happen, my lovely mom and dad.

christmas carnage.

17 people in one house. merry christmas-you have septic issues!

post baby gavin's blessing.

the ladies after church.

so there is the summary of pictures. there were a lot to pick from. and i mostly looked like a troll in a lot of them.

in other news,
garre and i did a ton of home shopping and i was really starting to feel like there was just no hope. one day we drove by some cute apartments and i told garrett i wanted to live there. so we googled them and went in the next day. and what do you know? they had one left and it was just perfect for us.
and there was much rejoicing.

now we just need jobs.
maybe we can get a little tender mercy thrown our way.
in the mean time, i will be doing hair and makeup and my latest and greatest-glitter toes for anyone who is interested.

[do you want glitter toes? email me at: kcwblog@gmail.com or just comment!]

it kind of feels like life is starting to come together a little bit.
and i am grateful for that.
life can be pretty darn good sometimes.


lyrics: maybe this time I can follow through, i can feel complete, stop paying dues.
stop the rain from falling keep my oceans calm this time i know nothing's wrong


  1. LOVE all the pics. your fam is so fun! can't wait til i can see you again!

  2. Glad things are looking up! Go apply at salons! They will love you!! Miss you tons