January 11, 2011

on the fritz.

meet fritz.

his full name is Fritzgerald Alouicious Von Volkswagen III.
but i've always just called him fritz.

fritz and i met my senior year of high school.
i loved him the moment i saw him and we've been together ever since.
fritz was just like me in so many ways.
pretty average and fairly low to the ground.
he has a red stripe on him and he's the only jetta i've ever seen that had that stripe. he was a little unique in a weird sort of way.
indeed, we were peas in a pod.
through thick and thin, fritz and i were in it together.

he was with me on my first day of college and later drove across the country with me.
we braved horrible snow storms and scary ice every day during our utah winters.
he drove me around provo during my awful break up and listened to me talk and cry and sob and pray and scream and sing and often let me just put him in park and fall asleep after all of it.
he was the only one with me when i was in my first [and only] car accident.
he broke his jaw just to save my life.
such a sweetheart.
so many of my memories took place while i was in fritzy.

when garrett and i decided to move to georgia, i wasn't sure how we would do it with 2 cars. neither of us really wanted to drive alone, but i sure as heck was not going to just leave my fritz behind.
then our dear friends offered to drive him out for us a few weeks after we moved.
a perfect plan for me and my fritz.

until they reached arkansas.
and fritz could take no more.
maybe he missed me?
maybe i didn't take care of him well enough.
but he said no.
and our friends were stranded in arkansas with a car that would not make it out of second gear.

not only did i feel HORRIBLE for our friends who were stranded, but i was so sad at the thought of fritz and i possibly having to say our goodbyes. don't get me wrong, i do think he will be the only car i have for the rest of my life, but
1) garre and i can't afford another car
2) i wasn't ready to say goodbye

after a lengthy conversation and much debate, my parents and garrett and i decided the best thing to do was to have our friends leave fritz in arkansas and head on their way to virginia. and we would drive (with a trailer) out to get him.
and so we did.
and that, my dears, is how i spent my weekend.
in the back of my mom's sequoia.
curled up in blankets, in my pjs and messy hair, no makeup and my nook.
for hours.
and hours.

we picked my poor fritz up and drove him home.

and now he sits in the driveway.
desperately in need of a transmission transplant.
i think?
needless to say: he is a sick boy.
and i hope he gets well soon.
because i need him back in my life.

feel better fritzy.
we have lots to do together.


lyrics: it's like you're always stuck in second gear. and it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year but i'll be there for you.


  1. It's easy to see why you love him so dearly - he was a great car! Please send him our wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. I gave you an award on my blog! Sorry about your car! lol

  3. Oh no!!! Not fritzy!! I hope he gets better!

  4. fritz!!!! he needs to get better! so many memories and fun times in that car!