January 1, 2011


new years is always a little bittersweet for me.
as we went into 2007 i remember thinking "wait, it's not the year i graduated anymore..."
and when we went into 2010 i remember thinking how fast the 0 years went by.
wasn't it just a few days ago that i was at disney world with my family ringing in the new year and wondering if Y2K was a real thing?
and now it's 2011.
well, goodbye 2010. you will not be forgotten.
you provided me with the best day of my life.

i'm pretty excited about 2011.
[minus the fact that i'm turning 23.]
i think good things will come.

and who knows?
maybe this is the year my blog makes it big. :]

here's to hoping.
and to 365 more days of eloquent graffiti.


lyrics: so this is the new year. and i don't feel any different. the clanking of crystal. explosions off in the distance.

ps. no refined sugars this year? lets cross our fingers.

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