January 16, 2011

i hate you. :]

in all of the hustle and bustle of another moving day-yes, garrett and i are in our own place now- i neglected to update my blog with a very important post.
i don't usually do this sort of thing, but i think i'll make an exception.

my older sister had a birthday on the 13th. her name is jackie. and i think everyone should know how wonderful i think she is.

here are a few reasons why i (and you should, too) love her.

- she is hilarious. truly. i know funny. and she's the one who taught me.
- she was my best friend when i was a complete loser.
- she continually makes me want to be a better person.
- she is so very fashionable. i envy her ability to dress.
- she is capable of making a face similar to this one.
- she will have quote conversations with me.
- she gave me a nickname. Norman Jehoshaphat Longbottom. (i'm serious.) and it stuck.
- she has always believed in me.
- she let me move in with her for a few weeks when she was still newly married.
- she makes me want to be a better person. always.

i could keep going. and perhaps it is all very cliche. it may seem cheap, but it's all very genuine. i can assure you of that. i think she's great and i wish could have seen her on her birthday to tell her all these things to her lovely face.

happy birfday, yackie.
i love you much.


lyrics: you see everything. you see every part. you see all my light. and you love my dark.


  1. Franks Norm. Hey, remember that one time you scrapbooked 10 reasons why you love me and only completed 5 of them. haha, pretty much a favorite. Now do my toes.

  2. not my fault you only provide 5 reasons for me to love you.

    get in your car. do it. now.