December 30, 2010


where to begin?
life has been such a blur for the past week and a half.
husband and i embarked on our journey across america on december 18th and arrived at my parent's house on the 20th...
i think.
again, such a blur.
and such a long drive.
lots of rockstar. lots of slim jims.
but we made it.
and it was so good to see my family.
[especially the little ones]

christmas, as always, was fantastic.
i am the proud and very happy owner of the Nook Color.
and i love it.
i'm currently reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.
i'll let you know my thoughts on it.
so far so good.

garre and i have been doing a lot of house hunting but we haven't settled on anything yet. savannah houses/apartments has a tendency to be cheap and scary or pricey and safe. and it's a rough toss up. but we'll figure something out soon. we're keeping our fingers crossed.

in other news,
i'm a loser and neglected to post the christmas card i made.

sorry it's late!
i assure you that the holiday wishes are genuine.

i should wrap this up.
i'll post pictures on a later date.
i hope you all had a marvelous christmas!


lyrics: from now on our troubles will be out of sight.


  1. cute holiday card m'dear! glad you made it to georgia safely! hope you guys settle everything in alright soon!

  2. what??? you're gone?!?!?! i miss you already. come back.
    PS> cute card. love you.