December 9, 2010

see here, sugar boy.

today is one of those days.
one of those days where my hair dried weird.
and my thighs look ginormous.
and the salad i ate for lunch made me gag three bites in.

the quality of my day is in large part determined by how much i do [or don't] get packed. day after day i find myself attempting this method of packing.

and each time it is a let down.
i reckon it's because i don't have a long, white beard.

regardless, i'm finding that the only method of packing that is actually working for me is the "throw it away and pretend you won't miss it" one.

to all of you dumpster divers out there, there will be some sweet finds in next coming days. i give you permission to dive into my trash cans.

that's my update for now.
also, husband and i move in 9 days.
and i am in a lot of love with the new MCR album.


lyrics: and if we can't find where we belong we'll have to make it on our own

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  1. Katie Claire!!! Remember when we were super good friends EFY time?? I miss that! We should catch up soon I miss you and your awesomeness :)