December 16, 2010

did you grab my butt??

it's been much too long.
it's time for an update.
i'm home alone right now.
boo hiss.
garrett went snowboarding with some friends and i went to lunch with an old friend.
but now i am home and he is not.
this won't do.
i go crazy without him.

we move to GEORGIA in a matter of hours, really.
and i am stoked out of my mind (name that movie) about going home.
i am so ready to see my family.
and the boo boo kitten.

sidenote: boo boo kitten is, in fact, not a kitten. rather, she is an old, overweight black lab dog and i love her.

garrett's best friend from his mission came to America and we got to see him.
it was very fun seeing garrett that happy. he's missed trent a lot since he left australia and it warmed my heart to see him with trent. it was also very exciting to meet trent.
we went to Jump On It with him and his brothers.
it was fun.
i an i'm-slightly-terrified-of-trampolines sort of way.

i quit my job at bath and body.
it was sort of sad. but it obviously needed to happen.
that would be quite a commute.
i really did like working there.

i've done a lot of packing.
i won't write more about that.
it bores me.

garrett and i were privileged enough to attend our very first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
it was actually really fun.
maybe because everyone had hideous knit clothing on?
maybe because there was white cheddar popcorn?
maybe because there was loud christmas music and ridiculous dancing?
it's hard to say what made it so awesome, but if a picture is worth a thousand words this should be enough:

i also got my hair did by Bree.
i am going to miss her so much.
i don't know who i will ever trust with my hair once i move.
oh, Bree. come with us!!
anyways, she colored my hair and it is now a lovely shade of reddish brown.
i love it.
garrett loves it a lot, too.
it's not as dark as it was last time i went dark and i feel it looks much better this time around.
this is the last picture i get to take with bree for a long, long time.
i'm sad i look so gross in it.

in other news:
i bought garre his christmas present today.
he better like it.
while in the mall, i walked past a tie store 3 times and then finally just went in because i was certain i saw Neville Longbottom.
it wasn't him.

i also saw justin bieber advertising proactive.
i've just about had it with proactive using singers to promote their stuff.
justin bieber is too young to even have hormones or puberty or body oils.
he doesn't use proactive.
i'm not fooled, proactive.

okay. i've hit my wall.
i'm rambling.
it's time for me to go do something productive.
like set my house on fire.
i'm so sick of this packing business.


lyrics: my life. you electrify my life. let's conspire to ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive.


  1. "did you touch my butt?"
    "no! what are you talking about?!"


  2. awwwww KATE!!! I'll miss you so! Also that pic is pretty rough haha but we'll take another one someeetime :) love you!

  3. seriously, i am SO glad I got to see you! thanks again for coming to the party! i love you and miss you so muchhhh! and i LOVE the hair :)