December 3, 2010

anxiety update

packing has begun.
my house is atrocious.
i move in 15 days.
i have a uti.
i am eating a bowl of cereal for the first time in probably a year.
i think my friends all hate me.
it's the third of december and my intentions to do a 25 days of christmas activity list is shot.
maybe next year?
we may have found a place in savannah to live.
but the kitchen is kind of small.
boo hiss.
my feet are freezing.
i had a horrible dream last night but all i can really remember is a scene similar to this one in mean girls.

anxiety, much?

grace, you should be proud. i'm not just quoting it in every day life, i'm dreaming in mean girls.



lyrics:what a disaster it would be if you discovered that i care.


  1. we're pretty bummed you'll be even further away now! PS-i just got over a uti. I'd never had one before. worst thing ever.