November 29, 2010

run home, jack.

what a whirlwind.
i haven't posted in a while.
mostly because i have been too gosh darn exhausted.
husband and i have had a lot of success with our craigslist and ksl ads for our house.
and i'm starting to wish everything else could be just as easy.
i am dreading packing.
and sitting for three days in a car.
though i a little bit excited about driving for three days with garrett.
i like spending time with him.
and we've driven across the country before.
so it could be fun to reminisce.

in other news,
garrett's family came into town for thanksgiving.
and we did a lot while they were here.
cassie was on the hunt for a wedding dress and i got to go along with her and help her try on her dresses.
my poor little finger felt like it was going to fall off.
those darn zippers are so tiny.
but cassie looked beautiful in all of the dresses she tried on.
it was like they were all made just for her.
and she picked a gorgeous dress.

i worked a lot on black friday.
i left for the southtowne mall at 10:30 pm.
yes, post meridiem.
i worked until 3:30 am and then had to drive 40 minutes back home.
naturally, it was freezing outside and our dead bolt on the door was on the fritz.
i couldn't find my phone.
my hammies were numb.
and garrett was sleeping like death.
i had to beat on our door and windows to wake him up.
i felt like such a creeper.
i kept waiting for someone to call the cops on me.
however, despite how hard i was beating on our home, husband just would not wake.
twenty minutes later i was frozen, garrett had nearly had a heart attack and our front door finally opened.
i was looking so forward to sleeping but my shaking, shivering body just wouldn't let me.
it was tragic.
a few hours later i woke up to go to work at the university mall.
it was only a four hour shift, but i was so sleepy.
it seemed to take forever.

saturday morning we took wessman family pictures.
it was sort of a long process
and a little awkward..
but they turned out pretty cute.

okay, that last one is pretty dang awkward..
i admit.
moving on.
we went to temple square saturday night to see all of the lights they put up.
as always, it was beautiful.

and i wasn't nearly as freezing this year as i was last year.
i owe it to my new uggs.
i love them.
they were my early christmas present from garre's parents.
and they are fabulous.
i'm going to go watch Hook now with husband.
i love this movie.


lyrics: isn't that a wonder? when you're alone you're not alone. not really alone.

ps. i am married to the cutest boy in the world.

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