September 17, 2010

that is cute. that is cute.

day 24: time to face morph. /

i'll admit it.

i had a lot of fun with this.

it was hard to pick a favorite...

really hard, actually.

so i narrowed it down to three.

because i am 100% incapable of choosing just one of anything.

except for a husband...

anyways. drumroll, please.



i think if reincarnation were real

and if i believed in it

and if i had been something in a past life

i would be almost certain that i was an ape.

and a really good looking ape, at that.

i also think i make for a sweet asian.

watch out, grace bennett.

a new mulan is on the rise.



lyrics:hush my darling, don't fear my darling. the lion sleeps tonight.

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