September 17, 2010


day 25: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression.


these sort of situations are always pretty comical, aren't they?

and if my life is in any way an indicator of how frequently this happens, then i think it's safe to say it happens on a daily basis.

but before i go on writing about my horrible first impression based judgments of people, i would like to note that my harsh judgments are almost always reciprocated.

in fact, i would venture to say that most judgments of me are even worse than the ones i make.

trust me.

everyone finds it hilarious to tell me 6 months after we met, "oh kate. i thought you were just a mean, stuck up brat. i also thought you were a big slut. hahahaha. isn't that funny??"

oh, yeah. hysterical. really..

there is nothing in this world i love more than being told i come off as the exact opposite of what i strive to be.

A for effort, Kate.

anyways, that being said, i will continue on with this blog as intended.

dear laurel and bret,
you and your little ray of sunshine daughter are our neighbors.

you are our closest friends here in springville.

we love, love, love your little girl.

and we appreciate everything you have done for us since we've moved in.

however, i will confess.

father forgive me, for i have sinned.

it has been..whatever..

what i'm trying to say is that my first sunday at church--i was alone because garrett was at work--i attended the same sunday school class as you.

i am a people watcher and as such i naturally scanned the room for kind faces, the spiritual giants, the zone-outters and of course, the weirdos and crazies.

to be honest, i do not remember ever seeing your faces upon first scan.

or second scan for that matter.

but then one of you commented.

and half way through the comment-the other chirped in to finish the sentence.

and then the first continued on only to be stopped by the second again.

the pattern repeated until the comment had been made.

all i could think was that i would slap garrett if he interrupted me that frequently.

i thought one of you was a kook for not being bothered by this as much as i would be.

and then i recalled what it was that had been said.

it was a good comment.

but laurel--and i did not know you as laurel. only as voice one or voice two-i replayed what you had said and..could it be?

yes...i believe.

no, i KNOW you used the phrase, "and as an addendum to that..."

hold on.



play back.


who uses that word?

i couldn't help but make a mental note to steer clear of Mr. and Mrs. Addendum because surely i would lower their IQ by being within 2 yards of them.


to give you an idea of how often i don't use that word, i'll have you know i misspelled it thrice before i gave into spell check.

but i have humbled myself and come to see the error of my ways.

despite our vocabulary differences, it turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Addendum are absolutely fantastic.

i think it's safe to say that we have become good friends with them and i even let mrs. addendum take on a very personal and humiliating mission of repairing my baby blanket.

needless to say, we really enjoy them and the time we get to spend with them.

i'm glad we have been able to form a friendship despite our differences.

and i am grateful to have an ever growing vocabulary, thanks to laurel.

also, i've found that garrett and i are much the same and most stories are told together.

i guess i just hadn't been married long enough to know that it's really not so bad.

and that's good.

because garrett would get slapped a lot if it really did bother me as much as i had anticipated.

and i don't want to be that wife.

so..that is that.

we really are so grateful for their friendship and i do think it's funny to think back to that initial judgment knowing what i know now.




lyrics: now's the time we need to share. so send a smile, we're on our way back home.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about first impressions of myself - this is by far my favorite! Thanks for sharing! We love you!!

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