September 15, 2010

pizza and hot chocolate.

my bunny, hank, chewed through two power cord to my computer.

keep in mind that's two in a row.

he chewed through the original.

i bought another.

and he chewed through that the day i got it.

this last paycheck i got had a bonus on it and i decided i would splurge and spend ten doll-hairs on a cheap ebay power cord.

and glory, glory. it is so nice to have my computer back.

i always felt so bad borrowing garrett's computer all the time.

but now we can both waste time on a computer!


i was looking through my pictures and i realized that i never got around to putting up my honeymoon pictures.

i'm so lame.

so here.

for your viewing pleasure is a little trip to the florida keys and mexico via the carnival imagination.


waiting in the airport...looking pretty blah.

first day on the cruise. boy, those them.

fat kids. sometimes i just want to be back on the cruise so i can eat the food.

on a trolley-taking us to the touristy parts of the keys.

with our spy sunglasses. we purchased them for way cheap using the money we got during the money dance. thanks everyone!

a closer look at our sunglasses.

back on the boat. in the middle of the ocean.

uh..that's us kissing..

garrett getting his henna tattoo. there wasn't much else to do in mexico except drink and sweat.

and then it was my turn.

we thought we would get a lovely picture of mexico before we got back on the boat.

you should never be too mature to put chocolate pudding on your teeth.

sidenote:garrett just looks like a life-long smoker. i look 12.

creepin' til the day i die...
but let's be honest--he was asking for a picture to be taken.

just be for we got off the cruise.

it was a sad day to be sure.

so there's a photo summary of our honeymoon.

it was mostly pretty hot and there were several people to watch which kept us pretty entertained the whole time.

i highly suggest a cruise for honeymooning.

mostly because of the 24 hour pizza.

that is all.



lyrics:come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you, always. kiss you. taste you. all night. always.

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  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Miss you! hope things are just as peachy as ever which of course they are! Muah