September 20, 2010


i'm going to do a few days at once just because.

Day 26: Favorite books.

i hate that when i think about my favorite book i feel like i will be judged by several people for not saying that my favorite book is the book of mormon.


in fact, let me enter a sidenote here:
i love, love, love the book of mormon.

but when i read questions like this, i think of actual author written books.

the book of mormon is an incredible and amazing book and i do know it to be right and true.

i have read it.

it has changed me.

and i base my life off its [and the bible's] teachings.

i love the book of mormon.

okay. sidenote entered. let's move on.

Tuesdays with Morrie.

absolutely my favorite assigned book i ever read in my middle school, high school and college career.

i don't even know how many times i've read it and i still cry every time.

it is just sensational and if anyone hasn't read it, i demand they make a quick trip to barnes and noble. STAT.

also, i will not lie, i did enjoy the twilight saga.

and yes, i have seen the movies.

but i think the books are way better and if the movies hadn't turned the books into the new black, i would still list them as really good books.

currently, i am reading the hunger games series and i have to say--blowing twilight out of the water.

i am halfway done with the last book and i'm dreading when it comes to an end and i have to be done with the series.

it's another book i highly suggest.

in addition to those, i liked the great gatsby, of mice and men, paradise lost, to kill a mockingbird and a train to potevka.

that is all.

oh wait...for anyone who reads this and is interested in dropping a few hundred on me, i would REALLY love to have a Nook.

okay. next.

Day 27: A talent of yours.

that's easy. i don't have talents.sorry guys.

Day 28: Favorite Places to shop.

this completely depends.

are we talking clothing, shoes, food, hobby things?

clothing: eh...i'm not too picky. i'll look at everything.

shoes: welp, probably vans would be good for the rest of my life.

food: whole foods, good earth, sunflower...the organic places. i like not having to search so hard for organic stuff.

hobbies: oh, sephora. the damage i could do in that store is unreal.

also any scrapbooking store.

it's absurd how much money i am willing to spend on paper and brads.

alright, well, i'm bored with this so i'm sure anyone who may read it is also bored.

for that, i apologize.

but maybe now you know a little bit more about me and perhaps i will come home one day to a lovely, new Nook sitting on my doorstep with a note from an anonymous reader of my blog telling me how i am their idol and how they would go to the ends of the earth just to read another entry from my blog and they jumped at the opportunity to give me the gift of adventure via the Nook.

dream big.



lyrics: but times makes you bolder. even children get older. and i'm getting older, too.

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