August 24, 2010

silly whim

making up for lost time.

day 14: a song from my childhood.

to be honest, i have a lot of songs from my childhood.

maybe everyone does..

but when i think back to when i was little and try to associate songs to those memories, i come up with so many different songs.

like singing the lion sleeps tonight with my mom when her radio was broken.

and listening to the tape of songs that i got for my 4th birthday where they insert my name into all the songs.

or cleaning our house in tennessee with my mom and listening to air supply.

or every song from wee sing in sillyville.

or the miss mary mack-esque songs i would sing with my friends before school started.

or the "muppin man" song.

how do i pick just one?

perhaps i won't.

perhaps i will just leave it at that and let it be known that my love for music was laid on thick at a young age.




lyrics:let us sing together. let us sing together. one and all a joyous song.

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