August 22, 2010

beetus bound.

day 13:

whatever tickles my fancy.

so...what tickles my fancy?

well, i've become addicted to ham and cheese snamiches lately.

just organic wheat bread, thinly sliced ham and old school cheese.

i'm usually way into the gourmet snamich but lately ham and cheese has been doing it for me.

i had one for lunch.

and i will probably have another one for dinner.

well balanced, eh?

also, on the fat kid food topic, garrett and i were craving a sweet treat the other night between our Prison Break marathon.

we don't usually stock sweet food in our house for a few reasons:

1. i really try to only eat organic sweets.

2. garrett usually eats it all within the day we buy it.. :]

so all we had were the yummy organic version of teddy grahams.

but that wasn't really doing it for us.

until i reminded garrett of dunkaroos.

so we walked over to Allen's [our neighborhood grocer] and spent 1.19 on vanilla frosting.


home made dunkaroos.

maybe i'm on my way to diabetes...but whatever.

i still got to eat some tasty dunkaroos.

and really,could life get better?


but it was still good.

especially when combined with husband and prison break.

waht a fantastic saturday night.



lyrics:lets melt the sugar under the meteor shower on the hottest night in july.

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