August 27, 2010


day 15:a letter to someone i wish i could meet.

dear gramma jill,

you don't know me. but i'm your grand-daughter-wayne's 3rd girl.

i know you died when my dad was a little boy and i know you look an awful lot like my sister, jackie. but i don't really know a ton about you.

grandpa tells me some things sometimes.
but i don't see him very often.

but everytime i go to his house i stare at your wedding picture.
and i usually wonder what you would look like now and what your voice would sound like.
i guess i just wish i could meet you so i could hear your stories and laugh at how much times have changed since you were my age.
i guess because i've never met you i don't really have a ton to say.
except that you made some fantastic kids and they're all doing well.
and you don't have to worry about us not having a gramma.
gramma judy is incredible and she's taken great care of your kids and your grands.
she's a wonderful gramma.
and i'm sure you are too.

i'm happy to know i get to meet you one day. offense or anything, i don't really want it to be too soon.
i've got to have kids of my own, you know.
but i'm excited for the time when i do finally meet you.

i hope you're as excited for it as i am.

i'll tell dad you said hi.

take care.


lyrics:whats left to lose? you've done enough and if you fail well then you fail, but not to us.

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